D) Krabi (E) 

06/05/2018 – 09/05/2018


A few words about Krabi

According to archaeological sources found in the area, Krabi province has been inhabited for quite a long time. The privileged location of the city in the ancient Ligor Kingdom (Nakhon Si Thammarat) granted it such a development that one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, Cancer, was assigned to it. In 1872, King Rama V named the city « Krabi ».

From 300 million to 100 million years ago, the area was under sea level and inhabited by primitive shells and corals, whose fossils were found in rocks within the mountain and Phanom National Park Bencha (More information on the Wikipedia page here). This mountainous region probably emerged over time to currently reach 1397 meters above sea level, making it the highest point of the province. Other evidence (fossils spine) also indicate the presence of dinosaurs with long necks, herbivores of the family euhelopodidae in the region about 150 million years ago.

As Krabi is quite close to Malaysia, there are not many massages parlors anymore, lots of women are veiled and mosques sit next to Buddhist temples.


Transport from Koh Samui island

As I said in a previous post (Post about Koh Samui), we booked a Minivan+ferry+bus for  550 THB/pp (14€) in one of the many travel agenciesin Chaweng. Pick-up at 8AM in front of the P Chaweng Guesthouse. Ferry departure 10AM and scheduled arrival to Krabi town around 5:30PM.


Going around

  • Taxi
  • Taxi motorbike
  • Songthaews
  • Boats

There are two ways to reach Ao Nang beach:

  1. By longtail boat ; 150 THB/pp (3,75€) one way; same price for the way back
  2. By songthaew ; 50 THB/pp (1,25€) before 6PM, 60 THB/pp (1,50€) after 6PM. You can find them anywhere riding in town



Krabi’s food is quite similar to Malaysian food with its different influences:

  • indian (roti, dhal and desserts such as pancakes and donuts)
  • chinese (noodles soups)
  • muslim (halal restaurants)
  • western (hamburgers and pizzas)

FYI, I recently read about an article speaking about why Chinese people are often slim and why we cannot easily guess how old they are. What do you think about that? Here is the website link: « Chinese secrets for staying slim« .



We stayed at the  »  Sawasdee Guesthouse  » in a bedroom with a large bed and private bathroom and fan for 250 THB / night . They also have rooms with air conditioning, for 500 THB / night. Remember, always take a room with a window, otherwise the musty smell is too strong and always ask to see the room before paying!

PS: Do not go to the « J P Mansion » , close to Sawasdee Guesthouse. Prices were similar, but when we asked to see the room, the manager told us that the pictures on Booking.com showed exactly what we would have. He never wanted to show us the room in person (we assume because of its smel) and he told us to go away …



There are several washing machines in the street, as cheap as 20-40 THB/10kg (0,5-1€).


What to do

  • Mangroves boat trips – 1h, 500 THB (12,50€), 1-4 pax
  • Boat trip to Railey Beach –  150 THB/pp (3,75€) (one way)
  • Tigre temple (Wat Tham Suea) and its giant Bouddha
  • Ao Nang Beach
  • Big Boat trip to Phi Phi and Hong islands (See our post on Phuket here) – 300 THB/pp (7,5€)
  • Speedboat trip to Phi Phi and Hong islands – 850-950 THB/pp (21,5-24€) to each island separately
  • Speedboat trip to James Bond island – 1000 THB/pp (25€)
  • Phranang Cave
  • Hot springs (Klong Thom), Emerald pool and waterfalls –  800-900 THB/pp (20-22,5€)
  • Sra Morakot pool
  • Boat trips to Koh Lanta island – 300-400 THB/pp (7,5-10€)
  • Kayak to Ao Thalane – 850 THB/pp (21,25€) all-day, 450 THB/pp (11,25€) half-day
  • Four island in front of Ao Nang Beach (Koh Poda, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub and Koh Mor) –  450 THB/pp (11,25€)

Just so you know, some of the islands listed above are located within national marine parks and you will have to buy an entrance fee:

  • Phi Phi : 400 THB/pp (10€)
  • Hong : 300 THB/pp (7,5€)
  • 4 îles : 400 THB/pp (10€)



Du00e9co ville (1).jpg
A few pics about Krabi town and its decorations

Du00e9co ville (2).jpg

Du00e9co ville (3).jpg

Du00e9co ville (4).jpg

Du00e9co ville (5).jpg

Du00e9co ville (6).jpg

Krabi Town (2).jpg
Going back to childhood memories 😀

Krabi Town (0).jpg

Krabi Town (3).jpg

Temple (8).jpg
A few pics on Wat Kaew Temple

Temple (7).jpg

Temple (3).jpg

Ao Nang (1).jpg
A few pics of Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang (2).jpg

Ao Nang (3).jpg
Four islands, as seen from Ao Nang Beach
Mangroves (3).jpg
A few pics of our boat trip within the mangroves, sunken forests

Mangroves (4).jpg

Mangroves (0).jpg
Floating house within the mangroves

Mangroves (1).jpg

Mangroves (2).jpg

Seet&Sour chicken rice.jpg
Sweet-sour chicken
Dessert made of tea with pancake


Next step

We will now leave Thailand to reach the city of Georgetown on Penang Island in Malaysia .

We booked an air conditioned Minivan in one of the many travel agencies for 800 THB/pp (20€). This is the cheapest we’ve seen, but there are other booking possibilities:

  • Krabi Tourist Center (31 Chaofa Rd Paknum Muang Krabi) – This is where we booked for 800 THB/pp (20€). Two schedules are possible:
    • Pick up at your hotel around 6:40-7AM  and arrival in Georgetown around 4PM.
    • Pick up at your hotel around 10:40-11AM, arrival in Georgetown round 8PM
  • Android app 12Go Asia : you must separately book the two parts of the journey:
    • Krabi – Hat Yai , 400 THB/pp (10€)
    • Hat Yai – Penang ,405 THB/pp (~10€) . However, you must walk or catch a songthaew to the Krabi bus station (40 THB/pp), but I don’t know if they run that early
  • Hotel/Guesthouse. In general, prices Krabi – Penang are 1000-1200 THB/pp (25-30 €).

Add-on to this post after the trip:

  • The driver arrived at our hotel at 6:30 am and we were hurried to get into the van because « it was late … »
  • Once we got to Hat Yai, 55km from the border, we were dropped off at a local travel agency named « Ah Lin Tour » and we had to pay 50 THB/pp (1,25€) for a travel insurance supposedly covering any medical expenses to the driver and damage if he had an accident on the road . We had no choice but to pay because the manager refused to call the next transportation … As usual, only foreigners must pay for this insurance and nobody reacts because « Well, it’s nothing, only about 1$ »… If nobody moves, it will only get worse in the future!

What do you think about this situation? Are you as shocked as us by all these injustices focused on European/American travelers for the sole reason that you are a foreigner and therefore you have more money than them ??? Share your thoughts with us!

See you soon in our Feedback on Thailand !


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