D) Kuala Lumpur (EN)

16/05/2018 – 15/06/2018


Capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Wikipedia link here if you want to know more) is one of the fastest developping cities in South-east Asia, from a demographic and economic point of view.


Transport from Teman Negara

As we told in our previous post about Teman Negara, we took a local bus to Jerantut (7 MYR/pp (1,5€)), then another bus from Jerantut to Kuala Lumpur (18 MYR/pp (4€)).


Transports in town

  • « GoKL » free buses (See GOKL app on Google Play/Apple store)
  • « RapidKL » buses (not free, but cover a wider area)
  • Monorail « LRT »
  • « MRT » Subway
  • Plane (KL International Airport – KLIA)
  • Shuttle bus to KLIA (12 MYR/pp)



Typical dishes (Chinese and Malay)

Bami goreng-min
Bami goreng – Vegetables fried noodles
Black pepper beef-min
Black pepper rice chicken
Fried Kueh Teow Egg-min
Fried Kueh Teow Telur – Fired noodles eggs
Fried rice and egg-min
Fried rice eggs
Hokkien mee-min
Hokkien Noodles – Egg fried noodles with veggies and fried prok
Kueh Teow and Chinese mushrooms-min
Fried Kueh Teow with Chinese mushrooms – Fired Kueh Teow noodles (large ones) with pork and Chinese mushrooms
Nasi Goreng-min
Nasi Goreng – Fried rice with spices and veggies
Pork belly soup-min
Fried pork belly, marinated in soy sauce
Rice porridge (1)-min
Rice porridge
Rice porridge (2)-min
Rice porridge with steam pork and raw egg
Takoyaki Chicken-min
Japanese Takoyaki – Paste balls generally filled with octopus in Japan, here stuffed with chicken
Takoyakis engine 😀
Wantan mee (1)-min
Wantan Mee – Egg noodles with dark soy sauce, fried pork
Wantan mee (2)-min
Another version of Wantan mee, with a bowl of traditional raviolis « Wonton »
Rice noodles-min
Chee Chong Fun – Rice noodles, soy sauce and sesame seeds
Tonkatsu rice – Japanese style fried pork, with rice in soy sauce and fried egg


Typical desserts

Bubur Pulut Hitam
Bubur Pulut Hitam – Coconut milk soup and red beans paste
Ondeh Ondeh
Ondeh Ondeh – Rice dough stuffed with brown palm sugar, sprinkled with grated coconut. I am definitely going to try this one at home, wherever that will be 😀
Other malaysian desserts (1)
Similar to Ondeh ondeh
Other malaysian desserts (2)
Chinese churros!
Other malaysian desserts (3)
Taro custard in soy sauce. Taro is atropical root vegetable, with a taste close to sweet potato


Typical drinks

Drinks in a bag-min
Malaysian style drinks, served in plastic bags, with a straw. Black milk tea for Queenie and Nicolas and iced black coffee for me 😀
Keladi syrup-min
Keladi (Taro) iced syrup (Wikilink over here). Original, but wonderful!
Leng Chee Kang – Iced/Hot soup made with lotus seeds, eggs, vegetables and oats
Mango-dragonfruit shake-min
Mango/Dragonfruit shake


We stayed at the Oasis guesthouse, then the Longhouse Guesthouse and eventually the Hotel City Inn, since we found bed bugs at the first two places we stayed at after a couple of nights. We bargained a lot, since hotels officially allowed by the government are entitled to collect 10% tax from each visitor. Some of them also add a 6% GST tax, which then add quite a sum to the price a night. Most guesthouses have private rooms with AC, shared bathrooms for 50 MYR/night (10€) and hotels are more expensive, with their 16% total taxes. We bargained at the Hotel City Inn and since we wanted to stay for, like, several weeks, they accepted to give us a nice room with AC, private bathroom and shared balcony (I was the only one using it to hang laundry though) for 50 MYR/night (10€).

Well, let’s get back to our bed bugs problems. Crazy insects right? It was our first encounter and we heard crazy stories about them. Just check it out on the web and you might even lose you sleep. We still don’t know why here in KL especially. Some people told us they were brought by tourists! Well, I gotta say that we stayed at filthy places in Asia, with cockroaches and everything, but we never saw these little monsters anywhere else so far! Here is a picture if you want to see what I’m talking about:

Adult bed bug

After the bed bugs and the leeches, we still were surprised to have another visitor in our intimacy, hereby named migrant larvae!

Queene had the great pleasure to find herself infected with one in her foot one week ago. Migrant larvae are little worms digging right under your skin. It’s quite easy to get rid of them, but it can be frightening since they move from 5mm to 1cm a day. If that’s not enough to make yu throw up, I suggest you check out Google on this link.


Queenie larvae migrant
Our small migrant larvae 😀



  • Batu Caves
  • Merdeka Square
  • Petronas twin towers and business centre
  • Perdana Botanical Gardens
    • Medicinal plants garden
    • Butterfly gardens
    • Birds gardens
  • National monument



Decathlon : There is one in the Kepong district, northeast of KL.

Option 1: Bus, 1h, 3 MYR/pp (0,6€)

Take bus 103. One of its stops is located at « Pudu Sentral ». We added the location on maps.me under the name « Bus 103 to Kelab Sri Damansara (Decathlon 8trium) ». You have to ask to the driver to drop you off at 8trium or « Kelab Sri Damansara ». He will get you in front of the Decathlon, on the speedway.

Option 2: Subway + Free Bus, 1h, 3,90 MYR/pp (0,8€)

  1. Line 9 MTR, heading to Sungai Buloh. Get off at « Mutiara Damansara »
  2. Free Bus PJ106 to 8trium

We chose option 1 to get there and option 2 on the way back, since we could not manage to find the bus 103 over there…



Batu caves (1)
Batu caves, with our Malaysian friends, Selina Lee et Geink Noise. We have met them in China back in November 2017 and and was so nice to them to show us around in KL! Thanks a lot!

Batu caves (2)

Kuala Centre - Petronas towers (1)
KL business entre (KLCC)

Kuala Centre - Petronas towers (2)

Kuala Centre - Petronas towers (3)

Kuala Centre - Petronas towers (4)
Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Centre - Petronas towers (5)

Kuala Centre - Petronas towers (6)

KL (4)
Pavillon, Commercial centre with its shopping malls and expensive restaurants
KL (5)
Pavillon designed buildings


Merdeka Square (3)
« Merdeka Square » pictures – Wikilink here
Monument National (1)
National Monument celebrating the Malaysian Independance

Monument National (2)

Monument National (3)

Mosquée nationale (1)
National Mosque

Mosquée nationale (3)

Petaling Street (1)
Petaling Street, Chinatown

Petaling Street (2)

River KL
KL river, lights out at night
Perdana Botanical Gardens (7)
Perdana Botanical Gardens

Perdana Botanical Gardens (5)

Perdana Botanical Gardens (4)

Perdana Botanical Gardens (3)

Perdana Botanical Gardens (2)

Tropical rain in the monsoon season :p


Next step

Before we left Belgium, we intended to visit Borneo island for trekking in jungles and mountains. However, we have met locals who told us that we had to take guides through tours and then obviously expensive. We decided to stay here longer and wait for the Ramadan to end (13/05/2018 – 14/06/2018), before heading for Yogyakarta in Indonesia!






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