A) Reaching Indonesia from Malaysia (English version) 

15/06/2018 – 17/06/2018


Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia

There are two terminals at the KL airport, and the number 2 is the international one. To reach it, you have got at least two options:

  • Subway55 MYR/pp (~12€)
  • KLIA Express shuttle. There are several pick-up locations in KL (pinpointed on maps.me) and tickets cost 12 MYR/pp (~2,6€). Schedules depend on the location, but they run about 21 hours a day. We suggest you to take a picture of the schedules a day before your departure to plan your trip.

We obviously chose the second option and we reached the airport in about one hour, from Pudu Sentral station, close to Petaling street.

Why flying to Jakarta instead of Yogyakarta? 

Locals have a few days off after Ramadan is over (15th of June), until the 20th and use this time to get back to their families in their hometown. Transports, and accommodations are more expensive and it is so crowded everywhere!

It took us a long time to find the cheapest flight in relation with both the date we wanted to take off and the drop-off point in Indonesia 🇮🇩. There is an international airport in Yogyakarta, but tickets are sold for about 100€/pp, while flights from KL to Jakarta are sold at 35€/pp (checked-in luggage included) on the 15th of June. It was then cheaper to take a flight to Jakarta, followed by a bus to Yogyakarta than a direct flight!

We booked two seats on AirAsia on the 15th for 35€/pp, through Skyscanner app.


There are five ways to leave the international airport for the city:

  • Skyline train: About 40.000 IDR/pp (2,50€)
  • Bus: 40.000 IDR/pp (2,50€) + bus card, 3.500 IDR (0,20€)
  • Grab: Uber-like system, used in Thailand 🇹🇭 (illegaly) and legally in Malaysia 🇲🇾,  India and Indonesia 🇮🇩. Usually quite reliable, we used it in India several times because the price is displayed when you call a driver. However, here, we waited for about half an hour and the driver left when he saw us… Thanks man 😦
  • Yellow Taxis: Tourism info told us to avoid them, as they are not reliable,  do not use the meter and are way too expensive.
  • Bluebird Taxis (look for blue or white cars) : Drivers use the meter with prices similar to Grab cars.

From a personal point of view, we think transports from this airport are poorly managed compared with other Asian capitals.

Jakarta accommodations

As we were heading for a new country we did not know anything about, we preferred playing it safe and booked two nights close to the Kalideres bus station. We stayed at the « Kamar Keluarga Duri Kosambi » hotel, 37 MYR/night (8€).

 PS: Here are a few tips to reach the place from the airport:

  • Bluebird Taxis102.500 IDR (6,3€): 86.000 IDR (5,3€) with the meter and 16.500 IDR (1€) toll fee. Keep in mind the real price is like 4000 IDR/km (~0,25€).
  • Yellow Taxis jaunes: 250.000 IDR (15,5€).
  • Grab: 65.000 IDR (4,0€) – 80.000 IDR (4,7€)

Transport Jakarta – Yogyakarta

At this period of the year, trains are fully booked for several weeks. We had no choice but to go by night bus and booked two seats for 16€/pp (about twice the right price), through « Easybook.com« . We worried a bit since we heard people from Novo-Monde (Link) talking about bed bugs in the bus, but we luckily did not see any 😀

PS: Economy train tickets are usually sold for 5€/pp…

So far, locals are really nice. We were brought for free by the hotel to the bus station and there, we were told we could wait for the bus at the police station. People even led us to our seats!


We managed to save up to more than 40€/pp, including accommodation, by comparing several departure dates with airports destinations, but it was worth it 😀


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