Parangtritis Beach and Langse Cave



Parangtritis Beach

The beach is located 30km away from Yogyakarta in the south and you can easily reach it by public bus from the Giwangan station. The trip costs 25.000 IDR/pp (1,5€) (beware of drivers trying to make you pay 5.000 IDR/pp more for no reason…) and takes about 1h (depending on the traffic jam). Getting on the beach is totally free.

Activities over there:

  • Quad
  • Sandboard
  • Horse-drawn carts ride
  • Swimming

However, swimming here is dangerous because of the strong waves, rips and because many Indonesian did not have the opportunity at school to learn propert swimming techniques!

Beach Parangtritis (1)-min
View of the cliffs from the beach

Beach Parangtritis (2)-min

Beach Parangtritis (3)-min
View from above over Parangtritis beach

Beach Parangtritis (4)-min


Langse Cave

The cave is located down the cliffs. You will have to walk uphill for about 3km from the beach, before climbing down the cliff face.

Here are a few tips about the trip:

  1. 1h30 walk from the beach to the cliff. It will cost you 15.000 IDR/pp (~1€) in total.
  2. 30 minutes to climb down. It’s not a really long way down, but a few parts are steep and dangerous. Quite a challenge if you are suffering from vertigo, but really worth it, trust me 😀
  3. 1h on the way back to the bus station. The last bus leaves at 5PM
Path to Langse Cave (1)-min
The first steps to climb down the cliff
Path to Langse Cave (2)-min
Viewpoint from the cliffs face
Path to Langse Cave (3)-min
Steep descend, with a few ladders on the way
Path to Langse Cave (4)-min
In some places, you will not find ladders, but narrow paths and bamboos/roots to take hold of

Path to Langse Cave (5)-min

Path to Langse Cave (6)-min
What a wonderful view we had!
Path to Langse Cave (7)-min
Nothing comes free if you want to have a nice view 😀

Path to Langse Cave (8)-min

Path to Langse Cave (9)-min

Path to Langse Cave (10)-min

Path to Langse Cave (11)-min

Path to Langse Cave (13)-min

Langse Cave-min
Langse Cave entrance


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