B) Yogyakarta (English version)

18/06/2018 – 30/06/2018


Transport from Jakarta

Origin : Terminal Kalideres, Jakarta West

Destination : Terminal Giwangan, Yogyakarta South-west

Transport : Night Bus

How long does it last? : 13 hours

Transports within Yogyakarta

Reaching the town centre from the Bus Terminal is quite easy and cheap, if you know about the Transjogja bus system. For more info, just have a look at this link.

Bus stop Yogya-min
Typical Ttransjogja bus stop

There are several other transportations means, like Grabs (cars), Motorbikes (Ojeks), rickshaws, but more expensive. Transjogja bus are well organized and can get you anywhere in town, for only 3.500 IDR/pp (0,25€) (you can even change once for the price).

Yogyakarta rickshaws

Prices tended to be higher in this close to-high season, as we told in a previous post (here).

Due to the holidays here in Indonesia, we struggled to find a place to sleep at first.  We stayed at the « Omah Heritage » Guesthouse, 189.000 IDR/night(12€) and at the « Ndalem Suwarno » Homestay, 150.000 IDR/night (~9€) (within the first week, but dropped down to 125.000 (~8€) after). In both situations, we could only find a private room with shared bathroom, but nice and comfy.

Cuistax Yogya-min
Cuistax attractions at night, close to the Sultan Palace/Kraton and Taman Sari Water Castle
Yogyo small streets (1)-min
Typical old roads

Yogyo small streets (2)-min


Yogyakarta, in and around activities

Borobudur Buddhist complex Temple

Our post is over here

Taman Sari Water Castle and Underground Mosque

Our post is over here

Parangtitritis Beach and Langse Cave (Goa)

Our post is over here

Viewpoints over Gunung Merapi (Tlogo Nirmolo and Tlogo Muncar National Parks)

Our post is over here

Gunung Merapi night Trek

Our post is over here

Gunung Merbabu night Trek

Our post is over here


 Add-on: Atmosphere music within Transjogja buses:


Next step

Who knows? We haven’t decided yet 😀


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