Tlogo Nirmolo and Tlogo Muncar National parks



There are two national parks, « Tlogo Nirmolo » and « Tlogo Muncar« , 20 kilometers away from Yogyakarta in the north, at the foot of the Merapi volcano. They both offer tremendous views over a waterfall, the volcano and the valley.

Does Merapi volcano ring a bell to you? Maybe you have heard about it because it has recently erupted in May 2018! If you want more information, click here 😀

Getting there from Yogyakarta

  1. Transjogja 1B/2A/2B/3B to Condongcatur Bus Terminal: 3.500 IDR/pp (0,2€).
  2. Local bus to Kaliurgan town (terminal Telogo Putri): 25.000 IDR/pp (1,5€). The last bus leaves for Yogyakarta at 3PM.


Useful information

We did not know anything about the volcano state before going here, but since the eruption, we are now on alert 2 out of 4. It is then prohibited to climb on « Tlogo Nirmolo« , which is a bit higher on the volcano than the other part of the park.

Entrance fees:

  • Locals: 6.000 IDR (0,4€)
  • Foreigners: 151.000 IDR (9€)

We could only walk through « Tlogo Muncar« , far less interesting, but we had to pay the same price… We decided to skip the entire park since the persons in charge did not agree to any discount. A few locals even had an argument about it because they let them buy like 20 tickets (they were part of a tour or something) without saying anything.

However, we still had to come here to look for information about trekking on the volcano that we plan to do in a couple of days.

Merapi nature (1)

Merapi nature (2)

Merapi nature (3)

View over Merapi volcano

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