Gunung Merapi Trek



What do you think about when you hear about Indonesia? 

Volcanoes right? 😀

The first one of them we intend to see is called Gunung (Volcano/Mountain) Merapi. It is possible to see it from Kaliurang town (More info over here).


We stayed at the Vogels Hostel. It is not recorded on and is a bit cheaper than the others (average price is 200.000 IDR/night, around 12€).

Here are the options they have:

  • Dormitory: 30000 IDR/pp
  • Private room with twin beds, shared bathroom : 70.000 IDR/night
  • Private room with Queen size bed, private bathroom : 125.000 to 200.000 IDR/night, depending on the view from the room

Trekking activities

For the second time in all our trip (the first time was in a walking safari in Nepal, see our post by clicking over here), we decided here to take a guide for three main reasons:

  • Merapi is going to be our first volcano
  • Merapi is one of the most active volcano in the world
  • Merapi’s last eruption goes back to… May 2018!

Here are a few information about the trek:

  • Start at 4:30 AM and back before noon
  • 355.000 IDR/pp (25$ or 21€), includind:
    • Breakfast: Bread, fried eggs, butter, jam and tea
    • Lunch: Nasi Goreng, Tomato cheese sandwich, tea, banana pancakes and fruits
    • 2 bottles of water
    • English speaking Guide
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng (fried rice) with eggs and cucumbers

Cheese sandwich - Banana pancake

As we wrote in a previous post (link here), the volcano area is still dangerous and its access restricted by the Indonesian authorities. Unfortunately, you can only walk around in the rainforest of Kaliurang, pay a visit to villages and Kaliadem bunker, abandonned because it was destroyed a few years ago by lava flows.

Trekking in the rainforest is quite nice, but it holds more to a walk in a park than a real trek. However, you can see the volcano early in the morning from afar, before the area becomes cloudy and catch nice sunrise pictures.

Way to Merapi (1)
A few pics on the way

Way to Merapi (2)

Way to Merapi (3)
Old 1000 years old lava flow

Way to Merapi (7)

Way to Merapi (4)
Viewpoint on old lava flows
Way to Merapi (5)
Bamboos forest

Way to Merapi (6)

Gunung Merapi (1)
Gunung Merapi
Indonesian farmer-min
Local grass cutting farmer
Kaliadem Bunker (1)-min
Pictures with the two  »Bule », or White people, Foreigners
Kaliadem Bunker (2)-min
Kaliadem bunker, at the foot of the volcano. It was designed to withstand pyroclastic flows, but not lava flows (More over here).

Random flowers (1)-min

Random flowers (2)-min


Want to know more about the other places we visited around Yogyakarta? Check that out by clicking on this linkCheck that out by clicking on this link!


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