Bromo : Sunrise over an active volcano

08/07/2018 – 11/07/2018

A few words about the volcano

Bromo is an active volcano in East Java island. Along with its three brothers (Semeru, Batok and Widodaren) it is located within « Bromo Tengger Semeru » National Park (Wikipedia link over here).

Those volcanoes are surrounded by a sea of sand, which resembles a massive crater around the craters, called Caldera, which is typically formed when magma chambers quickly empty themselves as the ground above collapses.

How to reach it from Yogyakarta?

The trip is quite easy, as it is a touristic attraction, but in several steps:

Option A: Bus + Bus + Minibus

  1. Transjogja bus 4A  – 3.500 IDR/pp (0,20€) to Giwangan Terminal
  2. Night Bus (~10h) to Probolinggo (banyu Aanga Terminal),  77.000 IDR/pp (4,6€). (Départs 8 fois/jour: 10h20, 11h, 13h, 14h30, 15h20, 16h, 17h20 et 18h30). (*)
  3. There are several options from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang:
    1. Public minibus: 35.000 IDR/pp (2€). They leave only when they are full (4 persons, starting at 7AM) and it takes around 1h to reach the village top.
    2. Taxi-moto (Ojek): 50.000 IDR/pp (3€)

Option B: Train + Minibus + Minibus (I do not know the prices as we did option A)

  1. Train to Probolinggo
  2. Yellow minibus from the train station to the Bus Terminal « Banyu Aanga »: 5.000 IDR/pp (0,40€)
  3. Minibus or Taxi-moto (Ojek) up to Cemoro Lawang

(*) We were not lucky because cockroaches crowled all over in the bus!

Our little friends in the bus from Yogyakarta…

What to see / What to do ?

Most people come here for two reasons:

  1. Get in the Caldera (Sea of Sand), up the volcano to see the crater and its sulfur fumes. Assume you will need at least 30 minutes to get there from the village. You can walk all around the crater as well. Tours in jeep are available, but you will be required to pay for the park…
  2. Watch the sun rising above the clouds from King Kong Hill, on Penanjakan volcano. Assume you will need at least two hours to get there from the village if you want to get to the highest point (right before reaching the road to the real top with the antenna).

Useful tips:

  • Entrance fees:
    • Cemoro Lawang Village: 10.000 IDR/pp (0,60€) Mon-Sun
    • Park: >200.000 IDR/pp (12€) Mon-Fri, >300.000 IDR/pp (18€) Sat-Sun
    • Sunrise at 5:15-5:30AM. Do not follow the « Free path to the sunrise » as the way is blocked 600m from the end (when you are supposed t reach the road). We had to walk by and find another way which almost cost us the sunrise…


Even in high season (July/August), there is no need to book in advance because all  accommodation on the web are the most expensive ones and they are all located passed the point you have to pay for the Park ticket… What a coincidence right?

We got there without booking and still managed to find a Homestay, with a big bed, private bathroom and hot shower (this one is essential since it gets cold at night) for 150.000 IDR/night (9€). Do not hesitate to ask around for cheap rooms, as everybody knows where to find cheap homestays in town. Ours was midways between the top of the village (where you will find the villagers path down the caldera) and the « free path to the sunrise – 2 hours ».

How long should I stay?

Our trip from Yogyakarta was tiring with all the cockroachesin the bus and we decided to stay three nights, but you could definitely make it in one day (as most people do). Starting the trek to King Kong Hill by 2AM, walking down at 7AM to the caldera and reaching the volcano through the « Way to Bromo » path by 9AM will allow you to see it all in a half-day by walk (no jeep tour).


Ceromo Lawang Choco pancake
Breakfast with view over the mountains from the room terrace:Chocolate pancake
Ceromo Lawang Chicken rice
Breakfast with view over the mountains from the room terrace: Nasi Campur (Fried chicken, rice, noodles and vegetables)
Ceromo Lawang (4)-min
View from our room
Ceromo Lawang (2)-min
View on the mountains early in the morning
Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (1)-min
King Kong Hill trail
Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (2)-min
King Kong Hill blocked path
Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (10)-min
Sunrise over Cemoro Lawang
Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (15)-min
Cemoro Lawang from King Kong Hill
Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (13)-min
Sunrise over Bromo and the Caldera

Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (14)-min

Bromo Caldeira (9)-min

Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (6)-min
A few pics from the trekking trail on King Kong Hill

Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (4)-min

Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (3)-min

Path to king Kong Hill sunrise Bromo (7)-min

Bromo Caldeira (10)-min
panoramic view over Bromo (right), the Caldera (middle) and Cemoro Lawang (left)
Bromo Caldeira (12)-min
Pics of the Caldera

Bromo Caldeira (6)-min

Bromo Caldeira (4)-min

Bromo Caldeira (7)-min

Bromo Caldeira (14)-min
Climbing up Bromo
Gunung Bromo (2)-min
View from the stairs up to Bromo
Panoramic view Bromo (1)
Vue panoramique du haut des escaliers
Bromo from above (2)
Chemin autour du cratère
Bromo from above (1)
Vue du haut sur l’extérieur du volcan et la caldera
Panoramic view Bromo (2)
Vue panoramique sur le cratère et le chemin autour du cratère
Gunung Bromo (3)-min
Cratère de Bromo

How to get back to Probolinggo?

Same as the way up, there are public minibuses which this time leave at full (15 people). An entire minibus is worth 525.000 IDR (31€), which means that 15 people will pay 35.000 IDR/pp (2€). If not full, they will request you to pay the rest if you do not want to wait for a few hours to get it full. As in Probolinggo, the local mafia made it impossible to get down by any other way (even though literally hundreds of jeeps ride down without any passenger on board every f****** day). We did not manage to hitchhike this time…

What’s next ?

There are several ways to leave Probolinggo:

  • From « Banyu Aanga » Bus Terminal:
    • AC bus, 50.000 IDR/pp (3€)
    • Local bus « Bemo », 40.000 IDR/pp (2,40€)8 hours trip. Departure every hour
  • From « Stasium Probolinggo » Train station

Useful tips

  • Yellow minibus run between both terminals for only 5.000 IDR/pp (0,40€).
  • Do not trust anybody, as they all want you money only. There is no ticket booth and local touts will try to make you buy tickets from them. Do not listen to them and get on your bus. Sit down and wait for the driver to collect the money!
  • We got trapped and took one of the local buses, but paid 60.000 IDR/pp (3,60€) because they managed to make us believe that it would take only 4 hours to reach Banyuwangi (it actually took 8 hours), without stopping in between (it did at least 50 times!). At least there were not any cockroack in the bus this time…

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