Bali beaches: Pemuteran

13/07/2018 – 20/07/2018

Pemuteran in a few words

Pemuteran is a small village by the sea located in the northwest of Bali . We have chosen to stop there after our trek on the Ijen volcano to rest and because somebody recommended it to us back in Banyuwangi. We lack comparison with the rest of the island, but it is in our opinion a good place to stop between Java and Lombok .

How to get there from Java island?

  1. From Banyuwangi, get on any of the Yellow buses for 10.000 IDR/pp (0,6€) until the ferry terminal
  2. Public Ferry: 6.500 IDR/pp (0,40€) (~1h trip)
  3. Public Bus (= »Bemo« ): 25.000 IDR/pp (1,5€). Follow to find them and do not listen to anyone! Brace yourself to bargain and welcome to Bali…


Bali being a famous tourist destination in Indonesia, accommodations  tend to be more expensive than elsewhere and especially in high season (July / August) . We still managed to negotiate a room with private bathroom, fan, pool in the property and located 200m from the beach, at 150,000 IDR/night (9€), while prices on tend rather to be 250,000 to 600,000 IDR/night (15-35€) . Do not hesitate to ask for hot water to make tea because it is often free.

Things to do and see

As in any other places in Bali, you can either rest on beaches, book diving trips, diving lessons or snorkeling in turquoise waters. In case you are interested, there are tours to Java island (Bromo and Ijen volcanoes), but prices are off the chart! FYI, tours to Ijen are sold for 700.000 IDR/pp (41€), but if you do it on your own, as we did, you will pay 150.000/pp (9€) and 63.000 IDR/pp (2*25.000 + 2*6.500) for transportation to and from Banyuwangi, which means less than 13€/pp in total… As we saw in tourist spots in Java and further on in Bali and Lombok, locals always try as much as they can to rip « Bule » off. I seriously challenge you to get any local price from people because they always pretend not knowing any to get you to pay more than them (even for the food!!).

Pemuteran pictures

Bagus Homestay Pemuteran (1)
Bagus Homestay

Bagus Homestay Pemuteran (6)

Bagus Homestay Pemuteran (2)

Bagus Homestay Pemuteran (5)
The view from our room
Burger and fries Pemuteran
Local burger and its few local fries served aside 😦
Gado gado Pemuteran
« Gado Gado » – Steam rice, steamed veggies, tofu (tahun), tempe (fermented soy beans cake), peanuts sauce and shrimp crisps
Mie Goreng Pemuteran
« Mie Goreng » – Veggies noodles

Pemuteran (1)

Pemuteran (2)
Local houses in Pemuteran

Pemuteran (3)

Pemuteran (4)

Pemuteran Beach (1)
Pemuteran beaches

Pemuteran Beach (2)

Pemuteran Beach (6)

Pemuteran Beach (7)

Pemuteran Beach (3)

Pemuteran Beach (5)

Pondok Lebih GH
Our open bathroom.  Nice to showerwhile looking at the stars isn’t it? ;D

How to leave Pemuteran?

Coming soon in our next post, « From Pemuteran (Bali) to mataram (Lombok) for less than 12€!« 


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