From Pemuteran (Bali) to Mataram (Lombok) with 15€/pp

On Bali, like other tourist islands in Southeast Asia (Phuket, Thailand, not to quote) , everything is set to make transports expensive for foreigners, to get to Gilimanuk (western harbor), Denpasar, Lovina and Pemuteran beaches, Padang Bai (eastern harbor), etc.

Willing to get around in Bali? You have got several options, from local buses (Bemos), direct or semi-direct Perama buses, « Bluebird » Taxis, Grab cars to Ojeks (Taxi-motorbikes).

Small local buses « bemos » run during daytime only and locals will always try to dissuade you from using them (unpredictable, leave only when they are full, slow as hell, uncomfortable, dangerous, several connections, confusing to foreigners, …) or simply tell you that they are done for the day. Looks like everyone sticks together to make sure you spend as much money as possible. Drivers always try to charge you as much as they can, sometimes even more than taxis would. They ask you without any shame for 15 to 20 times the local price if you do not negotiate and would rather leave empty than having you pay the local price. Even locals do not help you. They take the bus every day but when you ask them how much they pay, they answer « I do not know, ask the driver. » Same behavior in people who work in hotels or guesthouses. They always give you the price for tourist buses, from whom they get a commission.

As for us, we intended (or had the ambition?) to make it to the paradise islands of Gili after Pemuteran. Brace yourself for an exhausting, endless trip and whatever transport option you choose, you will have to spend a night at Padang Bai on Bali and then another in Mataram, on Lombok .

I will explain how to get from Mataram to the Gili Islands in a future post.

How to get to Lombok from Pemuteran?

$$$ options

  1. Plane from Denpasar to Lombok
  2. Perama Tour Bus (Bali) + Speedboat (Padang Bai) + Perama Tour Bus (Lombok)
  3. Perama Tour Bus (Bali) + Ferry (Padang Bai) + Perama Tour Bus (Lombok)
  4. Taxi + Ferry/Speedboat + Taxi

$$ options

  1. Bemos (Bali) + Ferry (Padang Bai) + Perama Tour Bus (Lombok)
  2. Perama Tour Bus (Bali) + Ferry (Padang Bai) + Bemos (Lombok)
  3. Bemos (Bali) + Speedboat (Padang Bai) + Bemos (Lombok)

PS: Perama Tour on Bali is selling tickets to Padang Bai from LovinaBeach for 175.000 IDR/pp (10,4€).

$ option

  1. Bemos (Bali) + Ferry (Padang Bai) + Bemos (Lombok)

Detailed trip

  1. Bali island: Pemuteran – Padang Bai Harbor

    1. PemuteranSeririt:

      • Tourist price: 150.000 IDR/pp (9€)
      • Negotiated price: 25.000 IDR/pp (1,5€)
      • Local price: 10.000 IDR/pp (0,6€)
      • ~30km, 1h
    2. SeriritDenpasar (Ubung Terminal):

      • Tourist price: 200.000 IDR/pp (12€)
      • Negotiated price: 50.000 IDR/pp (3€)
      • Local price: 30.000/pp (1,8€)
      • ~90km, 3h
    3. Ubung Terminal – Batu Bulan Terminal:

      • Tourist price: 25.000 IDR/pp (1,5€)
      • Negotiated price: 10.000 IDR/pp (0,6€)
      • Local price: 6.000 IDR/pp (0,4€)
      • ~7km, 30 minutes
    4. Batu Bulan Terminal – Padang Bai:

      • Tourist price: 150.000 IDR/pp (9€)
      • Negotiated price: 25.000 IDR/pp (1,5€)
      • Local price: 15.000 IDR/pp (0,9€)
      • ~40km, 2h (*)
  2. Bali (Padang Bai) – Lombok (Lembar):

    Public Ferry: 46.000 IDR/pp (2,7€) – 5h (**)

  3. Lombok island: Lembar Harbor – Mataram

    • Bemo: Local price should be no more than 15.000 IDR/pp
    • Taxi: 34.000 IDR/pp (2€) (We got there after 6PM, too late to catch any bemo) – 30 minutes

(*): Traveling from Pemuteran to Padang Bai took us a whole day. We spent a night at the harbor for 150.000 IDR (9€), private room with fan and breakfast included since there is no ferry passed 4PM.

(**): Traveling from Padang Bai to Lombok took us another whole day. After waiting for four hours standing up and six hours on the boat, we reached Lembar harbor by 7PM… With only one guesthouse in town, we preferred heading directly for Mataram by taxi (shared with three other persons).


Using bemos really is a pain in the ass, but it is worth the struggle. We managed to travel from Pemuteran (Bali) to Mataram (Lombok) for 180.000 IDR/pp (10,6€). As we had to spend a night in Padang Bai for 150.000 IDR (9€), total costs end up to no more than 15€/pp.

Would have we used the Perama Tour bus, we would have spent 255.000 IDR/pp (15€) and the night in Padang Bai. Total costs would have ended up to 20€/pp.

Pemuteran to Padang Bai

Bali Campagne (1)
Rice fields on the way from Pemuteran to Denpasar (south of Bali)

Bali Campagne (2)

Bali Campagne (3)

Padang Bai

Padang Bai (1)

Padang Bai (2)

Padang Bai (3)

Lembar (Lombok South Harbor)

Port de Lembar Sunset (2)

Port de Lembar Sunset (4)


Mataram is not really worth spending more than one day, because there is nothing to see besides shopping malls. However, bemos to Bengsal harbor in the north or Kuta beaches in the south start from this town.

Mataram streets
Street in Mataram
Soto Ayam
« Soto Ayam » – Noodles soup, soy sauce, veggies, eggs and chicken (15.000 IDR – less than 1€)
Tasteless noodles, because I forgot to take the sauce out of the plastic bag… #We definitely should build asylums for dumb people, but could you possibly imagine their size?#
Toilettes Guesthouse Mataram
Our « shower » and toilet at the hotel in Mataram (140.000 IDR/night – 8€)

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