Wonderful trip of 10,5 months, from China to Indonesia, through 8 countries

Itinerary and trip duration

19/09/2017 to 09/08/2018 : 322 days, 10,5 months

TDM Queenie Yoan Itinéraire Asie du sud-est

Links to our feedbacks and our best pics


Notre bilan de la Chine, puissance économique d’Asie


Notre bilan du Népal : Religion hindoue, treks, montagnes et jungle


Feedback on India: Yoga, meditation and spirituality, spices, but poverty, overpopulation, scams and pollution


Feedback on Thailand : Dream holiday but mass tourism


Feedback on Laos: Waterfalls, caves and smiles!


Feedback on Cambodia: Smiles, temples and poverty


Bilan Malaisie : Mélange de cultures et de saveurs


Feedback on Indonesia: Volcanoes and beaches

Assessment – Expenses

  • Admission (VISA, Activities): 2.384€ (634€ VISA, 1.750€ Activitiess)
  • Transport : 3.540€ (including 1.188€ Plane, 1.047€ Bus, 768€ Subway and Train)
  • Food : 4.028 (6-7€/pp a day on average)
  • Accommodation: 2.550€ (8-9€/night on average, mostly Guesthouses, Hotels, Hostels and Homestays)
  • Tips: 312€ (including 168€ bank fees)
  • Autres : 957€ (including 415€ healthcare, 177€ clothes shopping and 168€ loss and general corrections)

Global expense: 13.771€

Average daily expense per day for two persons : 43€ (all inclusive)


Expenses comparisons between countries

  • China and Hong Kong: 38%
  • Nepal: 10%
  • India: 13%
  • Thailand: 12%
  • Laos: 6%
  • Cambodia:4%
  • Malaysia: 8%
  • Indonesia: 9%


A few comparisons between Asian countries

Our best experiences and memories

Our best Asian memories and experiences


Our Asian disappointments

Countries we would like to come back to

  • China (in the region close to Mongolia, the Silk Road and some cities cut off from modern civilization)
  • Thailand (Chiang Mai, Koh Samui)
  • Malaysia (Borneo)
  • Indonesia (Flores and Komodo islands)

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